"Jonas Folkeson, born i Söderhamn, Sweden 1989. Photography is his way of examine the human mind and find out what makes us who we are. He often use himself as a subject. Showing his own vulnerabilities and fears."


Jonas is a photographer and a former student at Nordic School of Photography, biskops arnö in photo-journalism. With his orgins in Skärså, a small fishing village close to the city Söderhamn, he has a deep passion for the ocean and have traveled many miles at sea.

At his examination work in photo-journalism, he photographed his father and the intimate realationship between them. This work was granted the nudok diploma by "The nordic museum" and also a nominee by PFK "press photographers association, sweden".

Jonas has a great interest in documenting his own life and the situations around him, many times with himself in the frame.


Nordic School of Photography 2012-2015 - Photo-Journalism

Forsa Folkhögskola 2011-2012 - Photography course

Hälsingland, Sweden

+46 (0)73-0671496


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